The-Tent ministry is a parking lot ministry.  We pitch real tent in the parking lot, and provide Starbucks coffee and hotdogs for the young people on the way to restaurants or cefes.  This is a very low participation-threshold for the young people in Koreatown.


The-Tent ministry is a very simple ministry, but we hope that this ministry will call the young people in Koreatown.  This is a evangelism effort.  It is also a place of learning.  It is a place, an event and will be the learned ministry.  We believe that ministry is not about only budget and meetings or rules and regulations.  But it is about loving God and loving people.  As the minstry develops and grows it is anticipated that this will encourage the existing local churches to come and experience a different method of evangelism.


And what is learned from this ministry will be shared with whole christian communities through the ministry website, and


Next The-Tent will be on Friday, December 6th in between Wilshire and 6th St. on Berendo Ave.  Starting from this, we are planning to have The-Tent every two weeks in regular schedule.   If you think your church is losing members, feeling too small, too old, not evangelizing enough, or there is no young people in your church, please come and experience The-Tent in Koreatown.  Everyone is WELCOME!



Daniel Bahng